Surrounding attractions

Nearby you can visit the town of Ogulin, lake Sabljaci, national parks: Plitvice, Risnjak, and Northern Velebit, sports center Bjelolasica, ski resort Bela (Slovenia), River Mrežnica and Dobra ... All these natural beauties provide additional facilities and several sport activities.


City-Ogulin - distance: 14km

Streets full of a clean and beautifully decorated town, events for everyone and everywhere, joy of laughter everywhere.

Cliffs abyss causing climbers to test their abilities and knowledge. In year 1500 the king Bernardin Frankopan built a fort, a castle, now the most important historical monument in Ogulin-Franopanski Citadel

It's child friendly city. Lovely town at the turn of Gorski Kotar, Lika and Karlovac.

There is a canyon through the center of the place where ends river Dobra. Plunges into a huge hole - abyss

Đulin Abyss - the longest speleologican object in Croatia, it's cave Medvednica long 16,396 m

Fairytale town. Ogulinski Fairy Tale Festival in June. Ogulin is hometown of Ivana Brlić Mazuranic, Croatian writter and scenes from this area were inspired by her creation of characters, world famous, fairy tales.


LEŠĆE-SPA - distance: 15 km +385 (0)47 861 345

 - indoors and outdoors pools

 - one of the oldest Croatian spa with thermal water, in the summer you can swim and relax in the cozy atmosphere of outdoor pools.


Spring Mrežnica distance: 15 km

- beautiful natural spring recommend for day trips and barbecues.


Lake Sabljaci distance: 15 km

OGULIN SEA how people of Ogulin prefer to call the place

- swimming, boating, rowing regattas, sailing, hunting and fishing on the lake, in winter home at the lake find wonderful fancy white swans.


Mountain KLEK - Distance: 25 km

- bound to many stories and legends are interesting for children and adults

- ten miles from the village Ogulin Bjelsko is the most popular and shortest (1 h) climb to the mountain Klek

- cradle of Croatian alpinism

- Klek is a one of the botanical reservates, and in this territory is inhabited by many     endangered species, such as wolf, bear, lynx, wood grouse and wild cat.

    - in the summer growing edelweiss

White rock (1,335 m)-distance: 25 km

    - the most attractive hiking trip in Croatia because of the nature here has created an incredible gallery of karst formations. Famous narrow fingers that pointed rock, are one of our most exposed mountain motif. The shortest climb to White Rock begins with forest roads, so. To get to Beg path it takes about 1 hour nad trail leads across the road from Ogulin over Bjelsko and Jasenak.


Bjelolasica - Distance: 30 km +385 47 562 118

 Winter ski season and beyond green Bjelolasica offers health tourism. A beautiful view of the bay on one side and Gorski Kotar on the other side.


Place Rastoke - Distance: 40 km

Slunjcica river flows into the Korana and thus creating many waterfalls as if we are prepared to meet the Plitvice Lakes. Rastoke registered in the Register of Immovable Cultural 1969th.


National Park Plitvice Lakes - Distance: 50 km +385 (0)53 751 015

National Park - natural and cultural phenomenon, the beautiful game of nature, waterfalls, lots of protected plant and animal species, 30 000 h of the park is a UNESCO Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO world natural heritage.

National Park Paklenica - Distance: 60 km

Mixing in the Mediterranean and continental climates, many plant and animal species, unique natural reserve river Kupa


Reserve bears Kuterevo - Distance: 83 km

on the border of the nature park North Velebit.


Northern MOUNTAIN OF Velebit - National Park - Distance: 80 km 053 665 380

King of Velebit forests - brown bear

About the Velebit fairies are written songs and there were hiding and brigands



rivers; Lika, Korana, Dobra, Mrežnica and Kupa deliver challenging contemporary adventure

  • RAFTING - Distance: 10 Km 098/958-1229
  • CANOEING - Distance: 10 Km 098/958-1229
  • FISHING - Distance: 1 Km 047/531-160
  • CYCLING (around the house marked bike lanes)
  • HUNTING AND FISHING - Distance: 1 - 30 Km

             Hunting Society Klek and three hunting organizations

             (Deer, bear, coot, wild boar, a large wood grouse, wild ducks)

  • RIDING (within 15 km there are several riding clubs)
  • PAINTBALL - Distance: 15 Km 098/958-1229 , 091 5676 484

             for those looking for new and attractive play and adventure sports


             Bjelolasica 35 km +385 47 562 118

             Bela 60 km (Slo)  +386/7/ 3849-435

In the unspoiled nature and fresh air grow tasty and healthy top quality products, cheese and other dairy products, honey, potatoes..